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Improvement Shortlists

Do more with shortlists ⚡️

AUTHOR: The Contracts Advance team

We’ve added new functionality to the shortlist feature and made a number of shortlist related quality of life improvements.

What's new?

Add records to shortlists that have been shared with you 🥳

  • Previously, you could only add records to your own shortlist. This was a little prohibiting for teams that wanted to work together using a shared shortlist

Choose who can manage your shortlist

  • We've created a user-level permission setting so you can choose which of your team can add, remove or qualify records in your shortlist

Enriched shortlist views 👀

  • Further data fields added:Contract Value
    Document Type
    Timestamp to show when the record was shortlisted and by who

Request access to other shortlists owned by colleagues

  • You can now request access to non-private shortlists in your organisationShortlists can be made private on creation or by amending an existing shortlist

Stay in the loop with notifications 🧐

  • Avoid missing out on important actions being made by your team. For example, you'll receive a notification when someone adds a new record to a shortlist you're associated withWe'll be building on this functionality in the near future by adding more notifications and the ability to communicate with your team in-app using mentions!

See who you've shared records with

  • We’ve made a number of changes to the Shared Releases page. This page would previously only show the records that have been shared with you

More of a visual learner? Here's a short (6 minute) video to take you through the changes

Improving shortlists

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