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Managing duplicates 🚀

AUTHOR: The Contracts Advance team

Today we’re thrilled to announce a number of improvements to Contracts Advance. These improvements include:

  • Reducing the number of duplicates

  • Finding and adding relevant CPV codes to a saved search more easily

  • More flexibility for Watchlists

Duplicate notices

One of the biggest changes you'll notice is the way we handle duplicates in Contracts Advance. We've redesigned the way we identify and treat duplicates from the ground up whilst remaining particularly careful not to incorrectly label a record as a duplicate.

Where ambiguity exists, we opt not to label a record as a duplicate to avoid a false positive. This means you will continue to receive duplicates but on a much smaller scale than previously before.

We also appreciate that duplicates can be beneficial for some users and we have provided the freedom to hide duplicates or show them. The default behaviour for all existing saved searches and new saved searches is for duplicate notices to be hidden. This setting can be changed when amending a saved search from the Manage Saved Searches page.

If multiple duplicates of a record exist AND match the search criteria of your Saved Search, we will only send you the first record that matches your results, all duplicates after that record will not be shown in your Saved Search, unless you override the 'Hide Duplicates' function.

Furthermore, Where duplicate records exist, we provide a link so you can easily switch between the records. The links can be accessed from the opportunity detail page or a data table.

Reducing the number of duplicates has been a highly requested change and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

Adding CPV codes from the Opportunity details page

It's now easier to find and add relevant CPV codes to your Saved Searches. Notices are often published with CPV codes and are used as a way of categorising the services/ goods in the notice. You can now interact with the CPV codes on the opportunity details page and add them to a Saved Search. This action requires the Organisation Owner user role.


Previously, users were limited to having one Watchlist across the entire organisation. We've changed the number of available Watchlists to match the number of Saved Searches under your subscription plan.

Permission settings are the same as Saved Searches in that only Organisation Owners can create and edit Watchlists. All users have the ability to subscribe to a Watchlist and receive alerts.

Thanks for reading! You'll be hearing from us again soon.

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