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Supercharged data tables 🚀

AUTHOR: The Contracts Advance team

The data tables have received lots of upgrades to help you get around the application at warp speed.

What's new? 🔥

Multiple-row editing

  • The ability to perform an action on multiple rows at once has been a highly requested feature, we're very happy to say it has arrived with this release! For example, you can now shortlist multiple records at once or open multiple opportunities in a new tab for easier viewing.

Context menu

  • You can now perform common actions faster by right clicking on a row to open the context menu. Want to get to the source without opening up the details page? Now you can!

Custom columns

  • Choose the columns which are most important to you. For example, do you want to see the Contract End Dates in your Shortlist? Use the display columns button to show the End Date column. 👍

Improved sharing

  • It's now easier than ever to share an opportunity with users and non-users alike. Type in their email address and leave them a comment.

Here's a quick (5 minute) video summary.

Supercharged data tables

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